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BDP Beauty Set Combo Cosmetic Bag

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Lucky scoop:

1Small scoop> = 25Pcs( 1 From 3 )

2Small scoop> = 50Pcs( 1 From 3 )

3Small scoop> = 75Pcs( 1 From 3 )

Super king size Scoop>= 85PCS( 3 Freebie )


mascara, lipstick, lip glaze, blush, beauty egg, eye shadow palette, false eyelashes, eye shadow liquid, concealer stick, concealer, eye cream, foundation, BB cream, CC cream, setting powder, make-up brush, scrub, lipstick, nail art, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, mask.

! ! ! Notice! ! ! Our parcels have a BDP label
Package information:
Weight: 1000G
Length, width and height: 25*25*25cm